Annual S.P.C.A. Fundraiser FACEBOOK LIVE with the Bassment Kamloops Saturday November 21st, 7:00pm

The Bassment Kamloops via Facebook Live , 2095 Glenmohr Drive, Kamloops

It's time for our annual SPCA fundraiser at the Bassment. We hope you join our virtual concert on FACEBOOK LIVE and we hope to rock your socks off with our two bands. 100% of funds raised will be given to the Kamloops Branch SPCA to help our local facility. We will be running this campaign from October 21 - November 30, 2020. Please join us to help the animals.

Fourpoint will be opening the concert. This is a band that hasn't played together for over 17 years but let me tell you they have a ton of fun and so will you. We rehearsed a couple weeks ago and all of us were amazed that it sounded as good as it did (go figure). The second set will be graced by Mojo Klub with a couple of special guests.

Because we are unable to have a face to face concert we will be handling donations for the SPCA a little differently. To make your donation to the SPCA you can drop off a cheque to 2095 Glenmohr Drive or donate the value of your choice through our donation button at the bottom of this page. For etransfers please send to and include your name, address, phone number for tax receipt purposes.

Ongoing needed supplies include: blankets, towels and sheets, cat and dog toys, garbage bags, cleaning supplies like bleach & paper towel, cat and dog beds and kitty litter. If you want to donate any of these supplies we ask that you drop them off at the Bassment with your name on it. We will be doing shout outs to all of you who donate this year during the concert.

Tell all your friends to mark it on their calendars and help us raise awareness for animals in our community. This campaign will continue until November 30, 2020.

P.S. Also send us a picture of your favorite pets to share onscreen to or share on our FB page.

Image above: Meet Shiraz and Mars a bonded canine duo at the Kamloops SPCA. For more info follow this link

The Bassment Kamloops