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Adrian Chalifour live at The Bassment Kamloops Sunday November 3rd 2019

The Bassment Kamloops, 2095 Glenmohr Drive, Kamloops

BC's Adrian Chalifour has been sharing his distinct brand of heart-driven music for the past 7 years - notably as the driving force of BC indie band Towers and Trees before stepping out on his own in 2019 following a national TV appearance on CTV’s The Launch. His music has taken top prize in the 2019 Unsigned Only competition, charted on Canadian radio, and has graced festival and venue stages across Canada over years of touring. His new album JOY is a culmination of the changes and tensions that bore it: the unraveling of a band through age and distance, and his own journey into fatherhood and a newfound desire to show his daughter that dreams are always worth pursuing. Lyrically Chalifour digs deep into the constant cycle of old ends and new beginnings that form the strata of our lives, ultimately arriving at a simple, rhetorical(?) question: Does everything return to joy?

S.P.C.A. Fund Raiser Cancelled Friday October 18th, 8pm

The Bassment, 2095 Glenmohr Drive, Kamloops

Unfortunately we have to cancel this concert due to scheduling issues. We have replaced it with another amazing artist Adrian Chalifour. Check his info in our coming concerts section.

(CANCELLED)Ben Sures live at the Bassment Kamloops Friday September 20th, 8pm

The Bassment, 2095 Glenmohr Drive, Kamloops

Ben Sures is a Singer Songwriter based in Edmonton, Canada. He connects with his audiences on many levels. Armed with an acoustic guitar, his songs reach you in a way that make you think, feel, understand the world in a whole new way and laugh at yourself while you are at it. His audiences laugh a lot, from the humour and from the heart. When you see a Ben Sures show and you are heading home after you might suddenly realize how much meaning there was in the humour or you might realize how funny that meaningful song was or you might just be smiling from the good vibe.

The songs are melody driven, catchy and full of ideas, from the fan favourite ‘Boring People’ to Used to Have a Raygun and the John Lennon Songwriting contest winner, ‘Any Precious Girl.’ The music is interesting, fun to listen to and easy to remember.

He is the kind of songwriter that reaches the audience in a refreshing way.

Noel McKay and Brennan Leigh live at the Bassment Saturday August 17th, 8pm

The Bassment, 2095 Glenmohr Drive, Kamloops

Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay craft story songs with equal measures heart (“Before the World Was Made”) and humor (“Breaking Up And Making Up Again”). Evidence: Before the World Was Made. The Nashville based songwriters’ 2013 collaboration spotlights celebrated troubadours in peak form (“Before We Come to Our Senses”). “These are modern day country duets à la George Jones and Melba Montgomery,” producer Gurf Morlix says, “but with very sophisticated songwriting.”

Before the World Was Made began taking shape in 2012 right as Leigh’s solo high watermark The Box stirred waves far and wide. (Lee Ann Womack, Sunny Sweeney, Sarah Borges and Charley Crockett have covered her defiantly traditional country songs). By that point, Leigh was well rooted in Austin, where she moved after growing up playing in a family band in Minnesota. “I was attracted to the scene in Austin,” she says. “It was a great place to learn and get better at what I do.”

Meanwhile, McKay fronted the regionally popular McKay Brothers (Cold Beer and Hot Tamales), a band legendary songwriter Guy Clark had been championing for years. “Noel and Brennen are great songwriters,” says Clark, whose album My Favorite Picture of You contains the McKay co-write “El Coyote.” The album went on to win a Grammy for best Folk album in 2014.

Before the World Was Made proves his point. “Some of these are songs that Noe or l had from a long time ago that we reconstructed,” Leigh says, “and some we wrote together recently. Writing duets is just almost like writing from one point of view and splitting it and making it make sense. Like ‘Ball in Chain,’ is not like a fight song. Same with ‘Breaking Up and Making Up Again.’ They’re dysfunctional, but the characters are happy with their situation, so it’s almost from one point of view.”

The duo effortlessly balances wit (“Let’s Don’t Get Married”) and whimsy (“Let’s Go to Lubbock on Vacation”) throughout. “I’ve loaded up the Nomad and the tank is full of gas/We’ll ride along across the High Plains fast,” the latter goes. “We’ll find the sweetest spot on God’s creation, my pretty little turtle dove/Let’s go to Lubbock on vacation.” Punch line: “Then we’ll know we’re really in love.” The pair consistently doubles down with sharp snapshots charting equally unpredictable romantic byways (“Salty Kisses in the Sand,” “Great Big Oldsmobile”).

“We kind of set out to make out a record of songs that we were singing together, even if it wasn’t specifically duet songs,” McKay says. “We both have solo careers to think about, but we’ll probably revisit this over and over and it’s a nice thing we can keep doing.” “We got to where people were asking us about certain songs and lumping us together in their mind,” Leigh adds, “so we thought we should make something to pay homage to that. Of course, people like the funny ones the best.” Good reason: Only kindred spirits allow a song as wickedly waggish as “Be My Ball and Chain.”

​“Brennen’s really great at melodies,” McKay says. “She’s always kicking around a melody and it’s great and she’ll attach it to a lyric idea that’s equally great. She writes characters in her songs like a novelist.” “Noel always has the line,” Leigh counters. “It’s like, How are we going to wrap this up? How are we going to bring it around so it makes sense? He always ties it up. Noel’s a poet.”

WiL live at the Bassment Saturday July 6th, 8pm

The Bassment, 2095 Glenmohr Drive, Kamloops

William Mimnaugh (stage name wiL) is a contemporary roots artist who makes his home on Vancouver Island, Canada. Known for his fiery live show, enigmatic stage presence and mad skill with an acoustic guitar, the 48 year old front man (he tours with a drummer and, on occasion, adds instrumentation) is also known for penning ‘Roam’, flagship anthem to Travel Alberta’s stunning international media campaign called 'Remember to Breathe'.

Not one for school, his youth consisted of skateboarding and holing himself up in his room listening to everything from Chet Atkins to ACDC but It wasn’t until 1998, after hearing the flagrant use of an overdrive pedal on an acoustic guitar in Neutral Milk Hotels ‘In an Aeroplane over the Sea, an album and song that stunned his musical senses, that WiL really started refining and defining both his sound and his style.

But it took nearly fifteen years, with a few failed attempts in the process for the artist to figure out how to take that sound that he managed to deliver live night after night and capture it on a record. None of these though, does the songwriter blame on anyone - just a learning curve. In fact, wiL is first to maintain the key is to take your failures and use them as tools to improve, to be accountable. "That is really how I go about my life - f**k up move forward". If you can do that it’s half the battle, maybe more than half. I'm a late bloomer and I am OK with that. More than OK.

And so, armed with this bit of worldly wisdom, wiL set about writing his forthcoming album 'Gold Mine', a deeply personal record of self reflection, redemption and discovery. Written, recorded and entirely self produced at his home studio the album is coming to fruition at different times while working as an agricultural fence builder (the kind that keeps cows and horses from roaming freely) performing live and releasing the occasional cover song.

Cat Jahnke live at the Bassment Wednesday June 12th, 8pm

The Bassment, 2095 Glenmohr Drive, Kamloops

Since 2005, Winnipeg singer-songwriter, Cat Jahnke, has built a loyal fan base across Canada, touring regularly and releasing 4 albums. Her hard work has been noticed, garnering her a nomination for “Contemporary Vocalist of the Year” at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2011, second place in the 2013 International Songwriting Competition, and funding from arts associations like FACTOR and Manitoba Film and Sound.

Cat has proven her flexibility, and the strength of her musical chops, by contributing work to a diverse range of projects including a webseries (NBC’s “Ctrl”), indie documentaries (Men with Beards, Letters to our Children), and video games (iDance, Daymare Cat). Her songs have been part of such high-profile TV shows as Dance Moms, Degrassi: The New Generation, and MTV Live.

A musical chameleon, Cat is constantly reinventing herself: as a folk musician, film composer, a video game character (in Daymare Cat, an online game played over a million times), and even as a reality show contestant (CBC Television’s, Canada’s Smartest Person, 2014). With her upcoming album, “The Brighter The Stars”, set for release in the spring of 2017, Cat will prove yet again that she is capable of upending expectations and delighting fans, both old and new, with her music.

Roxanne Potvin live at the Bassment Thursday May 16th, 8pm

The Bassment, 2095 Glenmohr Drive, Kamloops

On her new five-song EP All It Was, JUNO Award-nominated singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Roxanne Potvin goes deeper into her personal journey, adding more elements to an ever-expanding sound.

Having taken full control of her career with the self-produced, independently released 2016 album For Dreaming—containing the singles “I Thought I’d Miss You” and “The March”—All It Was builds on its predecessor’s “roots-pop” approach with the help of Potvin’s loyal team that includes guitarist Christine Bougie, organist Jesse O’Brien, bassist Mark McIntyre, drummer Olivier Fairfield and others.

The EP’s psychedelic-tinged title track sets the tone for a lyrical exploration of love’s complexities, with Potvin also incorporating deep Southern soul on “I Know It’s Good,” bittersweet balladry on “Last Days Of Summer,” breezy pop on “Lonely Island,” and mesmerizing nouvelle chanson on “Nuit Électrique.”

All It Was marks Potvin’s first release with Comino Productions, and its label imprint Comino Music, which has helped produce a “video EP” that will serve as a companion piece to the music. The videos are directed by Ottawa visual artist Petr Maur and offer dynamically different perspectives on the songs, as well as placing Potvin on the cutting edge of providing listeners with a complete audio/visual experience.

Embracing new concepts has never been a problem for Potvin, who maintains a busy touring schedule on top of constantly writing and recording new material. All It Was is another major creative step forward for one of Canada’s most accomplished musical artists.

The Lay Awakes live at the Bassment Kamloops Thursday April 11th, 8pm

The Bassment, 2095 Glenmohr Drive, Kamloops

THE LAY AWAKES is a singer-songwriter duo based in Brooklyn, New York, with roots in the Canadian prairies and small town Ontario.

Anna Paddock and Patrick Anderson met at a wedding in rural Saskatchewan. Drawn to one another by a shared love of sports and music, they embarked on a caravan-style road trip together across western Canada, and things were never quite the same. They married in 2011, but chose love before play and waited a few years before forming The Lay Awakes. They released their self-titled debut EP in 2015 and have been making music together ever since.

Home Away From Home, released in May of 2018, is the duo's first full length album. Watch the video for "Falling In Love" here.

Anna (piano, vocals) grew up in various states and provinces, but her family ties connect her to rural Manitoba. Her musical roots trace back to classical piano and the inspiration of dance and theater. She studied composition at New York University, where she began writing songs, most notably sharing the stage with Paul Simon in 2014.

Patrick (guitar, vocals) hails from Fergus, Ontario and points to the family songbook and campfire as his early musical influences. Patrick is perhaps better known for his alter-ego “the world’s best wheelchair basketball player”. He has won multiple Paralympic gold medals and continues to represent Canada internationally.